Featured story

Jamil Dowling

Trails of the world
Trails of the World is a company founded by Jamil Dowling in 2020. Jamil takes and sells pictures of wildlife from the amazing and remote parts of the world he travels to.

EPIC started supporting Jamil in 2020. The large part of EPIC’s grant was used for the purchase of a professional camera and the remaining part was used to boost the business’ fundamentals. He has also received mentoring support from EPIC and support on how to run social media handles.

Jamil is now receiving sponsorships from companies to take pictures and make documentaries, and is studying veterinary medicine to further develop the impact of his company.

EPIC entrepreneurs

Tayla Evans

EnviroTent started as a school project and won the young enterprise award. With EPIC’s support, this school project is now well on it’s way to becoming a commercial business.

Tayla has been receiving support in the form of business mentoring, legal advice and financial planning whilst developing her brand concept and design with help from MJN’s Digital & Engagement Team.

Tianna Johnson

Black Girls Camping
Black Girls Camping Trip founder Tianna Johnson was running a successful business before contacting EPIC. The business was founded to address the lack of access by black inner-city women to the camping experience.

EPIC’s financial support made the business more viable; the grant was used to purchase equipment which in turn allowed more customers to be invited on camping trips.

Rennae Smith

Tressamor is a hair extension and wig business that was founded by Rennae Smith. Between March and June 2020, Rennae was supported by EPIC to register the brand name, create a website, secure trademarks, create social media handles and more importantly with financial planning. EPIC helped Rennae secure the assistance of a top echelon celebrity make-up artist and model called Kellie Liquorish. Kellie in turn also arranged a top UK photographer called Ian Winstanley for the shoot. Rennae’s website is now live with orders coming in.
Candy Castle Studios
Candy Castle Studios was founded by Mo Al-Bukair with a vision of growing into a large animation studio producing 3D animated content for worldwide TV and cinema.

Mo’s first contact with EPIC was in October 2020, where we outlined different forms of support we could offer. We helped with setting up the company, trademarks, URLs, financial & business planning.

The Humanity Healing Hub
Kyra is an EPIC Entrepreneur who is the founder of The Humanity Healing Hub. The Humanity Healing Hub is a shop offering creative hampers containing metaphysical healing properties/products to aid in spiritual growth and improving mental wellbeing.

Kyra has been working alongside one of our EPIC mentors to develop her long term business plan, refine her brand, design and create new packaging and expand The HHH’s digital reach. Excitingly Kyra is now in the final stages of getting her product together ready to launch in Spring 2022.

Money Moves
Decrae Simms, Ty Harris and Roger Thomas are the founders of Money Moves, a streetwear clothing brand that focuses on buying, branding and reselling.

Initially, a £400 grant to buy socks was provided by EPIC to test their business concept, and this was successful. Further support in the forms of business mentoring, financial planning and business planning is ongoing with Money Moves. Most recently they have booked a photoshoot for the creation of their website.